Wednesday, March 07, 2007


...during a one hour layover at the Saigon Airport before taking another flight to Hanoi, where I'll be having a 5 day vacation with my family. It's interesting, this vacation; in that unlike say, Sydney or Tokyo or New York, I really have no preconcieved notions about what the city is like, and thus won't fall into the "checklist tourism" which I am usually guilty of doing. This will truly be a voyage of discovery for me, a true adventure.

It's also my first real vacation in ages since I started the new business, so it's going to be really sweet to not have to think about chruning and gallons and flavors for longer than just a 2-day weekend. I also get to cross off one of my Goals for 2007 (which has yet to be blogged... bad, bad me!) that I got to one place that I've never been to before. So this vacation is really all sorts of good for me.

But for now, am just enjoying the sweet free internet at the airport.

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