Thursday, November 30, 2006


I never really was THAT into donuts. I mean, they were okay, and I would partake of them once in a while, but I wouldnt go out of my way for them the way I would, say, cupcakes or ice cream.

Which is why the main reason I went and lined up for your grand opening was more out of being a foodie than being a donut lover; to see just what the fuss was about Krispy Kremes, which pretty much everyone said was superior to Gonuts Donuts in every way. Hell, it's practically the gold standard in those fried rings of sugary deliciousness.

Truth be told, I was a little bit apprehensive: what if I ended up LOVING your donuts? As it is I'm at least 20 pounds overweight and in massive need of a weight loss program. A newfound addiction to Krispy Kremes to go along with my newfound love for Sonja's Cupcakes AND the holidays coming up, it would not be good for my waistline.

Still, the foodie in me prevailed; I would line up for donuts, and I would try them for myself. After 3 hours of standing in line in the first day, I was given one (complementary pa! Wheee!) fresh from the fryer, freshly glazed, warm and gooey. Finally, I was no longer a Krispy Kreme virgin. I had been donut-deflowered.

It was GOOD, mind you, but nothing mindblowing. I can say that, compared to Gonuts, the glaze has a different flavor that has arguably a more enjoyable aftertaste. The difference is subtle, but definitely there. And the donut iself is much lighter than Gonuts. Airier even.

Depending on how one likes ones donuts, that can be a plus or a minus to you. The glaze, even after refrigeration, is still a little 'wet' to the touch, and never completely dries out into a coating like Gonuts does. Again, this can be either a plus or minus, depending on one's individual taste.

After 24 hours, I have tried the Glazed Donut fresh from the fryer, 2 hours cooled, and refridgerated overnight. I thnk I can honestly give a comprehensive review of the donut. In my final verdict of Krispy Kreme vs Gonuts Donuts, KK is..... different. Not better or worse, just different.

And the best part of it all? I wasnt really all that crazy about either one. Again, they are excellent donuts, and any donut lover and foodie should probably go and try them and judge for themselves. Me, I actually prefer my comestibles to have a little more bite, be a little heavier in my mouth. That's why I always preferred pie over cake, ice cream over gelato.

In fact, it isnt even my favorite donut, that honor still goes to Country Style's sour cream donut, a wonderfully dense, sweet, super moist ring of goodness. Krispy Kreme has nothing on these babies.

..........until I sank my teeth into a donut I had not noticed in the box until now, a little plain beige ring that escaped my notice compared to the more colorful varieties I had already tried. It was a Glazed Sour Cream Donut, possessing all the qualities I loved about Country Style, with the addition of Krispy Kreme's trademark sweet glaze. The thin person trapped inside me cried out in anguish, for he knew that this meant he would be trapped within this prison of a fat man for that much longer.

I had spent all this time steeling myself to not fall in love with their main product that I failed to notice the lateral attack of one of their lesser known varieties, tasked specifically to get through my defenses. And HOW it got through. Even now, the memory of that donut makes my mouth water from the pahntom sweetness, and in my mind I already make plans on when next I can travel to The Fort to partake of yet another sweet donut. Or three.

Well played, Krispy Kreme. Well played. Damn you.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


“I do feel, at heart, that I’m a lazy person who found this thing that I love. Comedy makes me industrious. Without it, I’m just another guy.” -- Will Ferrell

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Taken from Postsecret


Taken from Flipped_Jaffa

1. Yourself:

2. Your boyfriend/girlfriend (spouse),

3. Your hair:

4. Your mother:

5. Your Father:

6. Your Favorite Item:

7. Your dream last night:

8. Your Favorite drink:

9. Your Dream Car:

10. The room you are in:

11. Your Ex:

12. Your fear:

13. What you want to be in 10 years?

14. Who you hung out with last night?

15. What You're Not?

16. Muffins:

17. One of Your Wish List Items:

18. Time:

19. The Last Thing You Did:

20. What You Are Wearing:

21. Your Favorite Weather:

22. Your Favorite Book:

23. The Last Thing You Ate:

24. Your Life:

25. Your Mood:

26. Your best friend:

27. What are you thinking about right now?

28. Your car:

29. What are you doing at the moment?

30. Your summer:

31. Your relationship status:

32. What is on your TV?

33. What is the weather like?

34. When is the last time you laughed?


- Regarding the reality of BORAT, thanks to many stories online, you can see which stories are real (the comedy teacher, the car salesman) which are staged (Pamela Anderson was in on the joke) and which ones are in between (the infamous drunken fratboys were apparently selected by the film's producers to ride an RV and appear like they were picking up a hitchiking Borat, but not before getting them nice and drunk beforehand.)

Spoiler-Heavy, of course.

- Krispy Kreme in the Fort is apparently giving away FREE boxes of donuts to people in the press and in the food blogging world; which I sadly am not big enough to be a part of. They were also giving out free samples to anyone who was hanging out in Serendra last monday night.

- Krispy Kreme will also, in tradition of its' store openings, give a YEAR'S SUPPLY OF FREE DONUTS to the first person in line. The current record apparently stands at 17 days in the States. I wonder if anyone has already camped out. Wild.

- The Chocolate Cream Pie of Sonja's Cupcakes is pure heaven.

- The whole looming war between Gonuts Donuts and Krispy Kreme is the foodie version of Pacuqiao vs Morales. Will the the local yet more established upstart be able to fend of the foreign juggernaut they patterned themselves after? I'll just be on the sidelines, tasting each sugar-laden battle. Can't wait, yum!

- NBC's Heroes is the year's best new show. While Lost has lost it's luster by piling on mystery after mystery so much so that any resolution that ties it all together (if that's even possible now) will almost certainly fail to satisfy, Heroes gives a good mix of mystery and pacing and awesome characters that manages to not venture into camp like Charmed or Mutant X. Thank god for bittorrent.

- The Amazing Race is good again, after a horrendous last season. The Beauty Queens have the best chance yet of being the first all-female team to win, and for that alone I'm rooting for them.

- Next season of the race will be the ALL STARS edition. Apparently, Charla and Mirna and Colin and Christie are confirmed. I'm purposely keeping myself unspoiled on this one as long as possible because let's face it, it will be impossible to put in all the teams I would like to see there, and my fear is that it won't include teams from the less-watched but historically important earlier seasons. It won't be an All Stars Race it it doesnt have the first ever winners Rob & Brennan and Team Guido, STILL the gold standard of cool villain teams.

- Again, everyone who appreciates comedy should go see BORAT as soon as possible.


Everyone needs to go see the BORAT movie as soon as possible. Funniest, most courageous, most BRILLIANT piece of cinematic comedy of the year. Hell, of the last FIVE years even.

"Taste my *******!"

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Got more info from our employees. First off, they were given the scoop by the mall security guards (makes sense, what, HG would send some goons over and warn our girls that they were moving in? Although, the idea of ice cream goons is kinda cool, heh). Secondly it's not a HG branch per se but actually Oliver's Super Sandwiches, which will be selling either scoops or prepackaged cups of ice cream as they do in all their branches.

So, not a direct attack as I was anticipating (and actually kinda looking forward to, in all honesty) but still an encroachment on our turf. Either way, I'm still pushing forward with our holiday plans. What do you guys think of Chocolate Rum Cake ice cream and Food for the Gods Ice cream?

Stay tuned.

Saturday, November 04, 2006


According to our employees in Alabang Town Center, Haagen-Dazs will be moving locations. To our turf, the cinema area.


I'm not threatened by them, by the mere fact that I've never tried to emulate them or compete with them (that would be Ben & Jerry, hee hee). In fact, when we first opened in ATC, my first choice of location was to open in Courtes de las Palmas, right across them. It was Ayala's own policy of not allowing similarly-themed stores to open in the same area.

It MAY just be coincidence, but still; after 6 months of operations, the perceived big dawg of the market decides to switch locations near us?

Color me flattered.


Here's hoping I still remember how to do this....

Doogie Howser M.D comes out of the closet.

First T.R. Knight, now him. Do these things happen in threes?

You can't stop the Rainbow, baby.

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